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A Different World Tour

As the producer of A Different World's inaugural outdoor activation - The Hillman Takeover, I spearheaded a dynamic collaboration between the university and Howard-owned businesses to ignite students' connection to the iconic show. We crafted a one-of-a-kind event that engaged both students and staff. From a pulsating DJ set to interactive games and prizes, every element was meticulously designed to immerse attendees in the spirit of A Different World.

Culture Commercial

Unskrypted is an interactive, shopping streaming network and I had the pleasure of producing this commercial from ideation to completion, I even did the voice over, styling  and product placements for every brand. 

Let Us Mak Eve

I helped revise the script and find brands whose products could live in the film. We carefully curated the brands to be in the film and for a new form of visibility. 

Disaster Relief

Play is critical to help children heal following a disaster or crisis.  I produced this video to display the great effects play has on children. This playground was the first step for rebuilding Fulton, TX after Hurricane Harvey. 

Carelife Commercial

Having a summer ready body can now be as easy as 1-2-3, but it took some scripting, directing and. producing for Carelife in order to make this commercial possible.

Piece to Peace

I was able to reconstruct, name and produce "From Piece to Peace: The Pullman Playground." While their truce no longer stands, the story we created from these real events will forever be impactful.

Unfriended Promo

Unfriended is a new hit show airing on Unskrypted TV that I was able to direct during the Corona virus pandemic. See how creative we get with this socially distant production about dealing with social media friends

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