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Folasadé Ogunmokun 




Hi, I'm Folasadé Ogunmokun, the driving force behind Unskrypted, a groundbreaking shoppable streaming network. From igniting creative collaborations to redefining Black narratives, my path has been marked by a relentless pursuit of change.

My story began with a childhood fascination for the magic of television, which blossomed into a commitment to amplify underrepresented voices. This journey took me from crafting regional TV shows to studying Television Production at Howard University, where I embraced the rich diversity of Black media. 

Recognizing the glaring gaps in opportunities within the industry, I embarked on the mission to create a platform that celebrates Black creativity while empowering Black-owned businesses. Unskrypted was born from this vision, a beacon of representation and economic empowerment. I've had the unique pleasure of placing Black owned brands in Films, TV Shows, music videos and commercials. 

With a Master’s in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University under my belt, I've honed my leadership skills to steer Unskrypted toward its groundbreaking launch. Through innovative programming and strategic partnerships, we're reshaping the landscape of Black media. In a world where the most creative businesses don't always have the opportunity to shine, we have created a way to combat that.  

Unskrypted TV stands as a testament to our commitment to cooperative economics, accurate representation, and creative collaboration. By providing a platform for creators of color to thrive and fostering a community of support, we're not just telling stories – we're redefining our narrative.

As we continue to disrupt the status quo, my focus remains on building bridges and fostering collaboration. From groundbreaking docuseries to pioneering shoppable shows like "THE BAG," we're breaking new ground while championing Black excellence.

Beyond the studio, I'm a proud mother and dog owner, juggling the demands of entrepreneurship with the joys of family life. Through it all, my mission remains clear: to use media and entertainment as tools for cultural transformation and unity within the Black community. Together, we're rewriting the "SKRYPT" and shaping a future where every voice is heard and every story matters.

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